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Cooperative Education

Cooperative Education

Cooperative Education

Students who are enrolled at Los Angeles Valley College and are employed either full or part time (paid or volunteer status), interning, or volunteering in a position that related to their declared major or related field may enroll in the COOP ED Program and earn up to 4 units of transferable credit per semester. 

COOP ED is a program that establishes a three-way relationship between the student, the college, and the employer. This structured relationship allows students to create short-and-long-range career goals and to recognize his/her progress by establishing three measurable learning objectives for the semester. COOP ED provides a practical learning model for students and helps them prepare for their future careers by integrating on-the-job learning experiences and academic classroom lessons. By integrating both study and work, each area should be more relevant, interesting, and rewarding. 

Steps to Enroll

1.) Complete the COOP ED Application. Applications for spring enrollment are due to the Workforce Development Office by February 2, 2024 

2.) Meet with COOP ED faculty to review COOP ED application and determine COOP ED course. 

3.) Use permission code to register for assigned class. 

*For fall and spring terms, students must be enrolled in at least one class with the LACCD (Los Angeles Community College District) network or any accredited institution besides Coop. Ed. 

Need Assistance?

Contact the Workforce Development Department at (818) 947-2941 

Olga Hernandez @email (818) 947-2572 

Hasmik Kirakosyan @email  (818) 947-2334  

Webpage / Office Location / Hours - COOP@LAVC.EDU / ACA Building, # 1301 / 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM